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NovaNam, subsidiary of the Nueva Pescanova Group in Namibia, and its 27 years of history

  • NovaNam's factory in Lüderitz has hosted an event with the presence of the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources of Namibia, Bernhard Esau, this event has been a recognition to workers with 25 years seniority in the company.

Chapela, 2 May 2017.- The factory of NovaNam, a subsidiary of the Nueva Pescanova Group, in Lüderitz (Namibia), has hosted an event to celebrate the 27 years of history of the multinational company in that country. The event was presided by the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources of Namibia, Bernhard Esau, who has highlighted the “brave decision taken by Pescanova, in 1990, to invest in the country and to promote the development of the fishing industry in the region.” The event was also attended by the Ambassador of Spain in Namibia, Conception Figuerola; the Governor of the Region, Lucia Basson; and the Chief Fisheries Officer of the Nueva Pescanova Group, David Troncoso.

Some of the milestones of the company were highlighted at this event, as it was the decision to turn the factory of Lüderitz into one of the largest hake processing plants in Africa. A fact that has had a significant impact, from an economic and social point of view, in the development of the community over the years. Today, NovaNam provides dignified employment to 2,100 people in the country, 18,000 of them are based at the factory in Lüderitz, in the region of Karas, in the south of Namibia, and 300 people at the factory of Walvis Bay, in the west of the country.

Another milestone has been the effort of the  Nueva Pescanova Group and NovaNam to train and develop  its employees. In line with this message, the company announced the roll-out of the NovaNam Bursary Programme. which over the next 3 years will benefit the children of employees of the subsidiary, fund  tertiary studies at the Namibian University of Science and Technology and also secondary schooling.

Last of all,  Minister Esau applauded NovaNam’s initiative to promote and sponsor the publishing of a book on the history of Lüdertiz, a town whose history is closely linked with the history of NovaNam in Namibia. It is worth mentioning that Pescanova has generated wealth and well-being in this town, which has seen how its population has developed thanks to the presence of the Group, which not only has created jobs, but also by setting up of a nursery for the children of its employees, shops, urban planning, proper housing, as well as providing top responsibility jobs for locals, etc. which have contributed to improve their living conditions over all these years.


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