Ethics, integrity and regulatory compliance

The Nueva Pescanova Group is committed to ensuring the ethical, honest, responsible and transparent behavior of the company and all of our professionals in the course of their daily activities. For that reason, we have established a Regulatory System for Corporate Governance and Compliance, made up of our Ethical Code, the Governance Rules of the Corporate Bodies and other Internal Committees, the Corporate Policies, the Policies and the Internal Standards.

At the top of our Regulatory System is Our Code of Ethics: A set of operating principles and behavior standards aimed at ensuring that our corporate and professional behavior is in accordance with said culture of compliance.

Our Providers’ Ethical and Social Charter plays a pivotal role in the relationship with our main stakeholders, establishing a set of operating principles and business behavior standards that our suppliers must comply with, including commitment to human and labor rights, compliance with the Law, honesty and integrity, transparency, sustainability and food quality and security.The Nueva Pescanova Group makes available to its providers the Providers’ Ethnical Channel ( through which they can submit queries or report possible non-conformities or breaches of our Menu.

Another essential element of this Regulatory System is our Corporate Criminal Risk Prevention Policy containing the set of conduct rules for the prevention of crimes, which all professionals of the Nueva Pescanova Group must follow anywhere in the world, thus establishing the framework regulation, along with our Code of Ethics, of the criminal risk prevention programs of Spanish and/or foreign companies in the Nueva Pescanova Group.

It is also worth highlighting within our Internal Requirements System the Anti-Corruption Code of the Nueva Pescanova Group, configured as a systematic and eminently practical single-issue guide that helps all the professionals of the Group to better identify, evaluate, analyze and manage corrupt (or potentially corrupt) situations or practices that could occur in the performance of their work and business in general.

In order to ensure the knowledge of and compliance with our Code of Ethics and the other norms that make up this Regulatory System, we have a Compliance Unit, which informs and advises employees of the Group so that they may have in-depth knowledge on the guidelines and work in line with them. Likewise, through our Compliance Channel (, which is managed by our Compliance Unit, any professional of the Group may submit any query on this matter and report possible non-conformities or breaches of our Regulatory System.