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Sergio Elizalde, new Chief Commercial Officer of the Nueva Pescanova Group

Vigo, 4 January 2018.- The Nueva Pescanova Group will incorporate Sergio Elizalde as new Chief Commercial Officer on January 14th; he will also be a member of the Group’s Executive Committee.

Sergio holds a degree in Business Administration and an MBA from ESADE he also graduated in Law at Barcelona’s Central University. He has over 20 years experience in FMCG, having held General Management, Sales and Marketing positions in categories such as food, beverage, personal care and home care. He has worked in several countries for companies such as Reckitt Benckiser, Sara Lee, PepsiCo and Puig.

In 2010 he joined Hero, leader in baby & toddler food, jams and healthy snacks. There he has worked as Marketing Manager, General Manager for Spain and Portugal and, in 2014, he was appointed General Manager for Southern Europe, a position he has held until now.

In his new position, Sergio Elizalde will work on strengthening the sales of Pescanova products in the so-called Big 5, the five key markets defined in the company’s 2020 strategic Plan: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and USA. In addition, it will bet on opening new markets and for consolidating Pescanova in the 80 countries of the five continents in which the group already sells its products.


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