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3 October, 2016
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2 December, 2016

Insuiña, the fish farming company of the Nueva Pescanova Group, has been awarded with the “Grove de Oro 2016” prize

Vigo, 18 November 2016.- Insuiña, the Nueva Pescanova Company, pioneer in Spain in turbot farming and a world leader in farmed turbot production, will receive today the “Grove de Oro 2016” prize awarded by the employers’ association “Emgrobes”.

With four farming facilities in the North West of Spain, Insuiña began its activity 33 years ago in O Grove, Pontevedra, since then it has been a reference in international aquaculture: it has taken part in 30 R&D&I projects and produces 5,000 MT of turbot per year, and has helped generate more than 320 direct jobs.

In addition to its enduring background in O Grove, where it produces 140 MT of turbot annually, Insuiña has been awarded with the “Grove de Oro 2016″ for its strong belief in fish farming and research. The Nueva Pescanova Group will, in 2017, convert the 4,000-meter facilities in this town into the “Pescanova BioMarine Center”. A Technological Center for aquaculture, pioneer in R&D&I, for which the Group will invest 4.5 million euros. Thanks to partnerships with technological, industrial, social and governmental partners, it will become one of the three most important centers of R&D&I for Aquaculture in Europe.

The launch of the “Pescanova BioMarine Center” will, in addition, imply that Galicia will have an international reference center, employing 50 marine researchers, as well as the ongoing exchange with international scientists in this field.

The Nueva Pescanova Group with this pioneering center will focus on innovation to improve the rearing of species it currently farms in different parts of the World: Turbot, Vannamei Shrimp, and Tilapia, in aspects such as genetics, nutrition, management and health and will also be engaged in research for the development of systems for culturing other species, to become one of the private research reference centers in Europe in Sustainable Aquaculture, 4.0 industry, and Environment protection.

At this prize-giving ceremony, Pescanova BioMarine Center will release its corporate image, which we attach to this press release.