The Nueva Pescanova Group integrates SAP’s digital technologies for managing its business
9 October, 2017
Pedro Casaño, new HR Corporate Director of Nueva Pescanova Group
2 November, 2017

Pescanova joins the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to improve sustainability of its fishing and aquaculture activity

Vigo, October 30th, 2017.- Nueva Pescanova Group has reached an agreement with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) that will allow the company to continue working in sustainability improvement of its fishing and aquaculture activities, as CSR is a key part of company’s DNA.

SFP is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that works in maintenance of aquatic ecosystems, improvement of fishing and aquaculture communities and ensuring seafood supply. Among its many initiatives, it has created the FishSource database, that provides reliable, detailed and regularly updated information on fishing stocks worldwide. This powerful tool is complemented by another one called Metrics that values the global status of the companies’ supply sources and the sustainability of a portfolio.

Through the partnership with SFP, Nueva Pescanova Group will have access to these data management tools that will allow the corporation to have useful information that can improve its fishing activity and supply chain.

“Working together with SFP is an important step that will help us to be more transparent and contribute more actively in resources conservation and fishing rationalization, a commitment that has been present in the DNA of our company for almost six decades. “, Says Juanjo De la Cerda, the Corporate Director of R & D, Quality and Sustainability of the Nueva Pescanova Group.

The alliance with SFP will also allow Pescanova to know and create synergies with other companies that share similar concerns and launch fishing improvement projects (FIPs) and aquaculture (AIPs).

Committed to sustainability

The agreement reached by the Nueva Pescanova Group with SPF is one more step within the multiple initiatives that the company carries out within the framework of aquatic ecosystems conservation and the marine environment commitment.
In addition to streamlining fishing activities, the group complies with legal requirements and international measures regarding fishing, delimiting the catch, monitoring minimum sizes and promoting and respecting closure periods that guarantee fishing grounds preservation. In terms of aquaculture, Pescanova produces responsibly in its aquaculture farms and follows the strictest international standards and certifications. The corporation also invests in technologies and processes to minimize the environmental impact of its factories and ships.

The company also has its own Sustainable Fishing Certificate (Pescanova Blue), audited by Bureau Veritas for hake catches in Namibia, based on compliance with the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and FAO guidelines for fish products eco-labeling.


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