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Nueva Pescanova goes for Galician PDO for its new range of pre-cooked mussels

Vigo, 1 December 2017.- Following the launching of the shrimp Dippeo, the Tapeo and the Octopus cooked in its own juice ranges, Pescanova launches a new range of mussels, a major bid on top quality and convenience.

This new product comes in two presentations, whole mussel cooked in its own juice and half-shell mussel cooked “au naturel” to be found in the chilled food aisles, as part of our firm principle of bringing all the freshness of the sea to the consumer’s table.

The Group has chosen the Galician (PDO) mussel, 100% natural, and grown hanging from the “bateas” (floating platforms) positioned in the Rías (estuaries), ensuring top quality and the right size of the pieces. In fact, the Galician is the favourite mussel for 75% of Spaniards, according to a study on consumption habits and food.

Taste and convenience are other essential aspects to satisfy consumers. Thus, mussels are steamed following the traditional method -the favourite recipe in Spain according to online searches-, and are packed to guarantee and preserve the original flavour and freshness.

Both preparations can be eaten cold or warm as an entrée or a side dish, at lunch or dinner, as a main course, stuffed, with rice, in sauce, etc. because they bring their original flavour to the recipe.

Furthermore, it is a clean product that saves time in the kitchen. The fact that this new range of mussels is microwaveable makes it convenient for any feast.

The whole mussel is vacuum packed in a 1 kg bag, up to 45 pieces, while the half-shell mussels comes in 500g trays (containing up to 80 pieces).