The Nueva Pescanova Group wins the Silver AMPE for its campaign “let’s put our tables together”
26 May, 2017
Pescanova, the sixth brand for Spanish households
15 June, 2017

Pescanova launches a new advertising campaign to announce its new shrimp Dippeo range

Madrid, 31 May 2017-. Six out of ten Spaniards believe that they can differentiate fake news from real news, but the truth is that 86% of them can’t. This is the main conclusion of the “First Study on the Impact of Fake News in Spain”, conducted by market research company Simple Lógica for the Nueva Pescanova Group. With this research, the company analyzes the Fake News and Post-truth phenomena, two topical subjects on which the advertising campaign launched today is based, with the aim of advertising Pescanova’s Shrimp Dippeo range.

With the hashtag #MeLoCreoNoMeLoCreo  (I believe it, I don’t believe it), the campaign consists of 30-second and 10-second TV commercials as well as a documentary available on Youtube (click here), which challenge the viewers to find out if the contents of the documentary and the commercials are real or fake news. The main storyline is the hardest fishing method ever: “Fishing in a Circle”.

Pescanova has discovered an unusual behavior in prawns in the Atlantic migration flows, where peeled prawns dance in a circle while holding tails. Fishers take advantage of that moment to catch them and take them in that position to the point of sale, the same way they are presented in Pescanova’s shrimp Dippeo packs.

With Dippeo, and remaining faithful to its corporate DNA, the Nueva Pescanova Group keeps innovating by bringing the health benefits of seafood to the consumer’s table. In this case, consumers can enjoy, in a simple and easy way, cooked and peeled prawns that come in eye-catching 155 gram packs with the sauce of their choice: cocktail, tartar and mayonnaise. A healthy snack to share at meetings with friends or family and the perfect option for appetizers, to accompany main courses, as a starter or for informal snacking.

About Lola MullenLowe

This campaign was created by Lola MullenLowe. LOLA is the best-known creative hub of the MullenLowe network. A Spanish agency with a global reach, responsible for integrated campaigns for clients as diverse as Magnum, Mattel, Burger King or Axe. It is an agency that puts people in the center of communication and has extensive experience in brand repositioning.