The Nueva Pescanova Group doubled its operating profit in 2016
27 June, 2017
Pescanova launched a new advertising campaign for octopus cooked in its own juices
3 August, 2017

The banks owners of the turbot farming plant in Mira agreed to sell the company to Ondas e Versos LDA

Vigo, 3 July 2017.- Three of the Portuguese creditor banks of Acuinova-Mira (Millennium BCP, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, and NovoBanco) have agreed to sell all the shares of the Portuguese company to Ondas e Versos LDA, which has taken over the management of the company.

Acuinova, until now, a company of the Nueva Pescanova Group engaged in turbot farming, and located in the Portuguese village of Mira, had submitted last January a restructuring and refinancing proposal (PER) to the Portuguese authorities. Its purpose was to reach a refinancing agreement with creditors to reduce the financial burden and reorganize the project. Last June 7, this proposal was approved by most creditors (BPI, Acuinova’s employees and the Portuguese Government through the IFAP (Institute for financing agriculture and fisheries projects).

Right from the beginning, the Nueva Pescanova Group made every effort to protect the interests of the company and its 127 workers, trying to keep the company running. The handing over of Acuinova-Mira does not have a significant impact to the Nueva Pescanova Group, as this was an asset held for sale and not included within the consolidated scope of the Group.

Nueva Pescanova will provide its cooperation and undertaking to support the continuity of the activity of the company and all its jobs.