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NovaNam publishes a book on the development of the fishing industry in Namibia

Vigo, 14 September 2017.- Coinciding with the commemoration of the 27th anniversary of NovaNam, a subsidiary of the Nueva Pescanova Group in Namibia, this morning was held a ceremony at the factory located in Lüderitz to present “Lüderitz: A Journey Through Time,” a book that summarizes the history of NovaNam and its role in the spectacular development experienced in this fishing town.

The presentation of the book was attended by the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources of Namibia, Hon. Bernhard Esau, the mayor of the city, Her Worship Cllr. Hilaria Ndiiwana Mukapuli, as well as the Chairman of the Nueva Pescanova Group, Jacobo González-Robatto, among other authorities.

The book, which includes an array of photos, narratives and information from different contributions that have witnessed the evolution of Lüderitz, has been promoted and sponsored by NovaNam, a company that has earned a place of honor in the recent history of this city.

NovaNam was the first fishing company that made a strong investment to establish its fishing and processing operations in Namibia 27 years ago, right after Independence. This firm commitment of the company led to the renaissance of the Lüderitz area, jobs creation and local development, in short, it represented a new dawn for the economic activity of the city, stagnant during the colonial era, despite of its rich fishing grounds which had an enormous potential.

Today NovaNam subsidiary of Nueva Pescanova Group, employs 2,100 people in Namibia. 1,800 of them work in Lüderitz, of which 1,500 at the processing factory in this town, which is currently the largest hake processing center in Africa. The other 300 employees of the group in Namibia work at our fish processing factory in Walvis Bay.

Committed to the development of the local community

The Nueva Pescanova Group is committed to contribute to the welfare of the communities in which it operates through the promotion of social projects. Specifically, in Namibia it has contributed to the creation of a day care center that caters daily for 85 children of Novanam’s employees, to help them reconcile family and working life; it has also led to the development of two Nursing Homes, The Helping House in Nautilus and Hermine Old Age House; and a housing project which has made possible to build 105 homes for the workers of the companies who receive financial support through the National Housing Company.

Another example of the Nueva Pescanova Group’s commitment to NovaNam is exemplified in its commitment to training. This year NovaNam has rolled-out its Bursary Programme, to finance higher education for the children of the Novanam’s employees fund tertiary studies at the Namibian University of Science and Technology as well as secondary schooling over the next 3 years.