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New low-salt “Anguriñas” Pescanova, all the flavour with less salt

Vigo, 14 December 2017.- Pescanova continues to innovate in its range of products, by incorporating products that combine healthiness and palate pleasure with its low-salt Anguriñas, now available for consumers.

Anguriñas, present in more and more homes and growing in all market channels, is the engine of growth for this category. The brand wants to attract new consumers through product innovation and the new Pescanova low-salt Anguriñas are a good alternative for this purpose, providing consumers a less salt option for enjoyment during the holiday season, without giving up its genuine flavour and its firm and juicy texture.

Anguriñas Pescanova cater for the demand of natural and traceable food, with health benefits and versatile for cooking preparations.  With just 1.1 grams of salt (31% less than usual in similar products), and gluten and lactose free, Pescanova’s Anguriñas are a reliable source of proteins and omega 3, a delicious and the easiest way to supplement your meals.

This healthy option also helps those who care about their health to enjoy many traditional cuisine dishes, specially at this time of the year, by using Anguriñas as the star ingredient in all of them. Anguriñas are for gourmet or amateur cooks, for those who go for easy, convenient and versatile preparations (Anguriñas can be consumed warm or cold).

This product that comes in two 90g+90g portions, to suit consumers’ need in terms of quantity and price, either chilled or frozen, follows other innovations recently launched Pescanova such as the Shrimp Dippeo, the Tapeo range of products and octopus cooked in its own juice, to mention a few.

Delicious and varied cooking ideas

For daily lunch or dinner and for holidays gatherings, the low-fat Anguriñas can be served in cold or warm dishes. Green salads, potato salads, seafood salads and side dishes, with scrambled eggs and in stews. Anguriñas can be pan fried, or cooked in the microwave or oven for a lighter and healthier version.

Anguriñas lovers can find different ideas and recipes at Entrées like Anguriñas with tender beans and cheese sauce; sautéed Vannamei shrimp an Anguriñas; main course dishes like Anguriñas with hake fillets, with hake cheeks and green sauce, or Anguriñas and shrimps with a garlic sauce to accompany your holiday dinner.