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14 December, 2017
Nueva Pescanova and Fundación del Banco de Alimentos (food bank) in Vigo enter a collaboration agreement
23 January, 2018

New range of steamed fish traditional recipes: easy, healthy and quick

Vigo, 17 January 2018.- Every year, all of us make New Year’s resolutions that include getting fit, eat healthily… however, our frantic daily life does not allow us to keep them.

It is for this reason that Pescanova has launched a new range of steamed fish cooked the old-fashion way; a simple and quick solution that is ideal for those who wish to eat more fish as part of a healthy and balanced diet but think fish is difficult to cook, or don’t have time to prepare it, or just don’t feel like cooking it for just a few people.

With this new range, Pescanova makes it easier to prepare a healthy, wonderfully tender and flavourful hake dish to suit every taste because:
– It just takes 5 minutes in the microwave to have a ready-to-eat dish.
– Steaming brings out all hake’s nutritional properties and best preserves its vitamins and minerals.
– Our sauces are inspired by traditional dishes and are prepared with top quality ingredients like fish stock, La Vera paprika, and olive oil.

These new Pescanova products come in a convenient, quick and easy to cook, 2-portion format by microwaving the fish and the sauce in their bag. This new range of hake products comes in three varieties: green sauce, garlic and parsley, and Riojana’s style, in 2 portions weighing from 240 to 260 g per package.

These new products add to the recent convenience range releases of the Galician brand, providing, through innovation and quality, convenient options to accommodate to the latest home cooking trends. Shrimp Dippeo, Tapeo range as well as the cooked in their own juice octopus and mussels, are other recent products with which faithful to its motto, Pescanova brings the freshness of the sea to consumers’ tables.