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17 January, 2018
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29 January, 2018

Nueva Pescanova and Fundación del Banco de Alimentos (food bank) in Vigo enter a collaboration agreement

Vigo, 23 January 2018.- The Nueva Pescanova Group has entered a cooperation agreement with Fundación Provincial del Banco de Alimentos in Vigo to regularly donate seafood products and other frozen products for people in need in Pontevedra province.

The agreement with this food bank in Vigo adds to the Group’s active and regular cooperation actions with different social organizations in Spain. In 2017, Nueva Pescanova donated more that 24,000 kg of food to entities such as Asociación contra el Cáncer, Bancosol, Asociación Amigos de Galicia or Banco de Alimentos in Madrid, among other.

According to Ignacio González, CEO of the Nueva Pescanova Group “The collaboration with the this food bank in Vigo will allow us to be quicker and more efficient in the delivery of food products in Pontevedra province. It is a way to create value in our surroundings by doing what we know to do best: first quality, rich in Omega-3 and ready to eat food products”.

On the other hand, the Chairman of Banco de Alimentos in Vigo, Pedro Pereira, highlighted the “involvement” of the Nueva Pescanova Group with this entity, he also emphasized the importance for the families in need supported by this NGO to have “a balanced diet, in which seafood is a must”. In this sense, Pereira added that like Nueva Pescanova, “there are other frozen food companies that continuously donate products that we distribute among the 25,000 most deprived people in this province”.

This food bank in Vigo is one of the food collection centres in Spain that can store frozen and chilled products at its facilities. This will allow more homes to have access to fish-based products, which are an essential component for a healthy and balanced diet, as recommended by nutrition experts. Fundación Provincial Banco de Alimentos in Vigo, a non-political and non-religious organization, distributed in 2016 more than 2 million kilos (2,108,608 kg) of food, 25% more than in 2015, when it supplied almost 1.7 million kg to social agencies.