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Nueva Pescanova starts the building, in Vigo, of the first of the seven fishing units to renew part of its fleet

Santiago Martín, Shipyard Manager at Armon Group, Vigo Shipyard, with David Troncoso, CEO Global Fishing Area of the Nueva Pescanova Group.

Vigo, 5 April 2018.-The Nueva Pescanova Group has started this week the building of the first of the seven fishing vessels included in the plan, up to 2020, to renew part of its fishing fleet in Namibia and Mozambique. This vessel is the first of the three 50-m wet-fish trawlers that will be assigned to the Goup’s Nambian subsididaries, NovaNam and Lalandii. These three vessels, specially adapted to the needs of the hake processing factory that Nueva Pescanova has in Lüderitz, will be built at Armon’s Shipyard facilities in Vigo.

The building of the vessels for Namibia, as well as the other four 32-m freezer shrimp trawlers for Pescamar, Nueva Pescanova’s subsidiary in Mozambique, is one of the top investments in assets of the Group included in the 2020 Strategic Plan, for which it earmarked 42.5 million euros in total.

All these new fishing units will incorporate high-efficiency engines, improved onboard processing systems and their accommodation will provide greater comfort and enhance the quality of life and working conditions of the crews.

At present, the Nueva Pescanova Group fleet is made up of 72 fishing vessels deployed in the Southern Hemisphere. In the 1960’s the company was the first seafood company in the world to freeze the catch at sea.