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5 April, 2018
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17 May, 2018

Children in Spain will draw the animal that will shape the new Peskito

Vigo, 26 April 2018.- Pescanova, the leading seafood brand, has launched a contest to encourage the youngest members of the household to be the ones to decide which marine animal will be the new protagonist for its children’s line Peskitos.

With this initiative, Pescanova wishes to involve families across Spain in order to continue raising awareness among children about the benefits of fish as a key food in a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, Peskitos is a natural source of protein without preservatives or artificial colours that has been awakening children’s interest in fish since the 90’s thanks to its fun fish, shark, dolphin, and star shapes.

Contest Procedure

Each child will be able to draw their Peskito and add a short comment to support their entry on the online platform Moms and dads will also be able to share the designs on social media and therefore help their child to be the winner of the new Peskito shape.

From 24 April to 24 May, children will be able to participate and upload their designs to the platform. 25 Pescanova Cabin Boy rain coats will be raffled among participating children and the four finalists will receive their weight in Peskitos. The winning drawing will appear on Peskitos packaging starting in September, along with the name and age of its creator.

Donation for Sea Clean Up

As an important part of this initiative, Pescanova would like to continue to demonstrate its commitment to environmental sustainability and its goal to raise awareness among children about the importance of preserving the marine environment. Therefore, for each entry into the contest, one euro will be donated to Oceánidas, a Spanish NGO dedicated to protecting, researching, and raising awareness about marine biodiversity. The money donated will be allocated to achieving the objectives of the Red de Vigilantes Marinos, a non-profit association that carries out conservation work on the sea floor and the coast, as well as activities to raise awareness and understanding of the natural value of seas and oceans.

Pescanova in its Commitment to Sharing Values

With this initiative, Pescanova will continue its long-term strategy of sharing different values with children such as caring for the environment, love of the sea, and the value of a healthy diet, among others. The last initiative carried out in March focused on the creation of the new Cabin Girl figure; along with the existing Cabin Boy, the pair have become the perfect conduit to share values like equality and respect with children.