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4 April, 2019
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27 May, 2019

Two Pescanova products shortlisted for the Seafood Excellence Global Awards

Brussels, 7 May 2019.- Nueva Pescanova, a leader seafood company, will unveil its most innovative products at the largest seafood trade expositions: The Seafood Expo Global, taking place in Brussels from 7 to 9 May.    

As part of its strategy based on taking the freshness of the sea to the table, the Nueva Pescanova Group has brought to Brussels the latest launched products for spontaneous consumption, i.e., easy to prepare and adapted to trends like snacking, which is becoming more and more popular among consumers.   

In line with this strategy, the company has chosen some of its latest innovations in the European market, with a strong bet on vannamei shrimp. Among them, the Picatapas and Fiesta snacks: prepared skewers; as well as the new range of top-quality cooked shrimps, Rodolfos, presented in 550 gr trays. Proposals which are complemented with traditional steamed hake recipes which come in three different presentations: in garlic and parsley sauce, in Greek sauce and in La Rioja sauce.

All visitors will have the opportunity to get to know these as well as other products at Nueva Pescanova’s Stand #5-241, which has been arranged around the “Viva la frescura” concept. There will be three thematic corners: “A la Plancha” (grilled), “Tapas Time” and “Bio”, the latter showcasing our biological aquaculture products, a distinguishing feature of the Company.  

Finalist of the Seafood Excellence Global Awards

Pescanova is finalist of the Seafood Excellence Global Awards, a competition designed to recognize the best seafood products of the year in different categories.

The contending products are some of the Pescanova brand latest and most innovative products: Brochettes BIO Garlic and Parsley and Fiesta Shrimp with Cream Cheese & Chives Sauce and Crunchy.