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26 June, 2019
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18 July, 2019

The Nueva Pescanova Group launches its freezer vessel “Ponta Matirre”

Vigo (Spain), July 5, 2019.- The Nueva Pescanova Group, at the facilities of the shipyard Armón in Vigo (Spain), saw the transfer to the water of the “Ponta Matirre”, the first of the four freezer vessels with which it will renew part of its fleet in Mozambique and that will be engaged in shrimp fishing by the Group’s subsidiary Pescamar.

This modern 30-metre-long freezer vessel, to be manned by a 22 people crew, is one of the seven vessels commissioned to renew part of its fishing fleet in Namibia and Mozambique and included in its ship building project. Its name, Ponta Matirre, was chosen by the captains of the Group’s subsidiary and is a geographical position in the middle of Sofala bank, the wild shrimp fishing ground where the Nueva Pescanova Group operates in Mozambique. The completion of this fishing unit is scheduled for the end of this year.

In addition to the four freezer vessels for Mozambique, the company will build three 50-meter-long wetfish trawlers that will be engaged in hake fishing by Novanam and Lalandii, the Group’s subsidiaries in Namibia. The delivery of the first of the vessels for Namibia, the “Lalandii 1”, will be by the end of this month. All vessels will be equipped with highly efficient engines and equipped to improve the on-board processing as well as the quality of life and working conditions for their crews.

These seven vessels will be built at Armón shipyard’s facilities in Burela and Vigo (Spain), for an aggregated investment of 42.5 million euros, and will require the creation of some 200 jobs.