Nueva Pescanova reinforces its commitment to the sustainability of the oceans by joining the Principles of the UN Global Compact
20 May, 2020
Nueva Pescanova receives the international Questar Award for “The City Born from the Sea”
10 June, 2020

Nueva Pescanova reaffirms its commitment to sustainability on Oceans Day

  • The company promotes 101 projects aimed at caring for the oceans and underwater life
  • Recently adhering to the United Nations Global Compact’s Principles for a Sustainable Ocean

Vigo, 8 June 2020 – The oceans are a natural resource of great importance for the prosperity of the planet. Its waters cover 70% of the Earth’s surface, are home to 80% of the planet’s biodiversity and can absorb 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions.

That is why on World Oceans Day the Nueva Pescanova Group reaffirms its commitment to caring for the oceans with 101 responsible projects around Sustainable Development Goal number 14 related to the management of oceans and underwater life.

The Responsibility and Sustainability of the Group for the Ocean is based on promoting sustainable management in fishing and aquaculture activities and protecting marine resources in the countries where it is present.

In fishing activities the company promotes practices to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, ghost fishing and marine littering, applying the principles of international law reflected in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the FAO principles of responsible fishing, and the legislative frameworks of the countries where it operates.

Another action launched in fishing activities is the renewal of the fleet with seven new vessels incorporating the latest technology for greater energy and fishing efficiency.

Aquaculture is a complementary venture to fishing to ensure human nutrition with protein of marine origin, thus relieving the pressure on capture fisheries. In this area, the multinational holds sustainability certifications backed by the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) in compliance with the FAO’s principles of responsible fishing.

Overall, the company helps restore fish stocks and ecosystems, has programs for reforestation of mangroves or conservation of sea turtles, with the aim of contributing to the conservation of marine resources.

Finally, research into the impact of the activity on the environment and its sustainability has become a fundamental activity for the Nueva Pescanova Group. At the end of this year the company will inaugurate the first centre for R+D+i in Aquaculture in Europe, the Pescanova Biomarine Center. There, 50 professionals will be dedicated to the study of the genetics, nutrition and health of the species to ensure their availability in the future.

All these actions are part of the ‘Pescanova Blue’ Sustainability Programme, an integrated plan of initiatives designed to lead and document responsible action and sustainable use of natural resources throughout the company’s value chain: fishing, farming, processing and commercialisation.

Adherence to the Principles for a Sustainable Ocean

A few weeks ago the company joined the UN Global Compact’s Principles for a Sustainable Ocean, a union with which the multinational ensures responsible ocean practices in the 19 countries where it is present.

Through this adhesion, the Nueva Pescanova Group has committed itself to continue ensuring the care of the seas, as well as that the risks and opportunities related to the oceans continue to be integrated into the global corporate strategy, risk management and reporting that support these principles, in a spirit of continuous improvement.