Environmental Compensation Programme

There are many examples of how human activities benefit from the goods and services offered by natural capital.

We see it crucial to conserve the availability of natural resources, biological diversity, and provisioning ecosystem services (e.g., food, fibre, water production), regulation (e.g., climate, diseases, natural hazards), support (e.g., nutrient cycling, crop pollination) and cultural (e.g., spiritual, aesthetic, recreational values), to ensure the production and regeneration of the benefits on which we all depend.

We distinguish between the compensation for the impacts generated by the depletion of natural resources and the emission of pollutants and the compensation for the potential biodiversity loss resulting from human activities. We focus on restoring habitats and populations of species that may be negatively affected by our activities or presence and contributing to the restoration of ecological functions. For this, we commit to implementing compensation measures capable of safeguarding the productive and regenerative capacity of the natural ecosystems and ensuring the associated services, or replenishing resources similar to those affected.

Aligned with these measures and inspired by the principles embedded in our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability policies, we established the Nueva Pescanova Group Environmental Compensation Programme.