Ethics, integrity and regulatory compliance

The Nueva Pescanova Group is committed to ensuring that all the companies of the Group and their employees conduct themselves ethically, with integrity, responsibly and transparently. We have therefore set up a Regulatory System of Corporate Governance and Compliance, comprising Our Code of Ethics and other internal standards.

The main guideline for action is Our Code of Ethics, which contains the rules of conduct for the company and its employees and partners. Every employee and management body accepts and is committed to Our Code of Ethics.

These commitments are also outlined in the Providers’ Ethical and Social Charter, which sets out the principles and standards of business conduct our suppliers and providers are required to uphold, including a commitment to human and labour rights, compliance with applicable laws, honesty and integrity, transparency, sustainability, and food quality and safety.

Our Internal Regulatory System also includes:

The Compliance Unit is an internal and permanent collegiate body, with autonomy and independence of action, which reports directly to the Board of Directors of the Group and is responsible, among other functions, for ensuring the effective observance and compliance with our ethical, integrity and regulatory compliance rules.

The Compliance Unit is the body that processes and resolves the communications submitted through our WHISTLEBLOWING CHANNEL. Its terms of use, operating rules, guiding principles and procedure rules are set out in the Regulations of the Compliance Channel and in the Privacy Policy of WhistleB® of the Nueva Pescanova Group.

Currently, the WhistleB® application is not operational due to technical reasons, but you can access our channel by submitting Consultations or Complaints to the Director of the Compliance Unit as the person responsible for our Internal Information System::

  • By writing an email to
  • By post, addressed to the Director of the Compliance Unit at the postal address Rúa José Fernández López s/n, CP 36320, Chapela-Redondela (Pontevedra, Spain).

Complaints will be handled strictly confidential. In all cases, the whistleblower will be protected under the terms of the Spanish Law 2/2023 of 20 February, which regulates the protection of persons who report regulatory infringements and the fight against corruption.

Under no circumstances will the identity of the whistleblower be disclosed to any person or entity, except in the exceptional cases provided for in the Law (e.g. a court order).