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25 April, 2017
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2 May, 2017

Nueva Pescanova and trade unions reach a framework agreement for the signing of collective agreements

Vigo, 27 April 2017.- In the early hours of today, and as a result of negotiations that started before last summer, the representatives of Nueva Pescanova and the trade unions have reached an agreement for the signing of collective agreements in the industrial sites of Chapela, Arteixo, Porriño, the Cold Storage Facilities of Chapela/Porriño and the back offices of Pescanova Spain, Nueva Pescanova and Novapesca Trading.

The framework agreement guarantees the purchasing power of the workers until 2020 by means of a pay rise and a CPI guarantee clause. This agreement is essential to ensure the competitiveness of the company and is the result of a remarkable effort between the parties involved.

According to Ignacio González, CEO of the company, “we are very pleased that both the company and its employees are satisfied with the outcome of this long process. We appreciate the efforts made by all the parties involved and especially the mediators. The company and the workers’ representatives have risen to the occasion, agreeing on a balanced and beneficial framework document that allows us to continue developing our strategic plan for 2020 which aims at returning the company to the position it should have never left. Productivity and efficiency are the best guarantee for the future of Pescanova”.