The General Meeting of Partners of de Nueva Pescanova approves the capital increase of the Company
19 April, 2017
Nueva Pescanova and trade unions reach a framework agreement for the signing of collective agreements
27 April, 2017

Pescanova displays at the Seafood Expo in Brussels the “Dippeo” range: the freshest, easiest and funniest way to enjoy eating shrimps

Brussels, 25 april 2017.- En At the Global Seafood Expo, being held in Brussels from today until next Thursday, Pescanova has revealed its Dippeo range, a snack of peeled and cooked shrimps, ready to be consumed at any time and place, ideal for sharing at get-togethers with friends or family, and a perfect solution as an appetizer, aside from main meals, as a starter or as casual snacking.

With Dippeo, and faithful to its DNA, the Nueva Pescanova Group innovates by bringing the health benefits of the seafood products, that the Company fishes and farms, to customers’ tables. In this case, consumers can easily enjoy already cooked and peeled shrimp, which come in colourful 155 g trays, with three different dips to choose from: cocktail sauce, tartar sauce and mayonnaise.

For the CEO of Nueva Pescanova, Ignacio González, this new range of products “complies with our Strategic Plan, we are entering the chilled segment, with innovative products aimed at younger consumers, adapting our products to the main consumption trends: fresh and ready to eat presentations that bring together the health advantges of Sea Products and on the spot enjoyment. Consumers are demanding more and more quick meal solutions, without giving up health and pleasure”.

Pescanova’s Dippeo is already available at major retail outlets and can be found in chilled seafood cabinets but also in other cross selling zones such as the beverages and snacks aisles or at the checkout area.