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5 February, 2018
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9 March, 2018

Pescanova launches its new thin and braised Sea Slices

Vigo, 28 February 2018.- Nueva Pescanova launches the new Pescanova Sea Slices, a new seafood alternative to deli meat. Pescanova offers to its customers a tasty, ready-to-eat and healthy product that is made of Surimi from the best parts of the fish, the fillets. That is why the new Pescanova Sea Slices have a low fat content and are an important natural source of protein.

In addition to being made of Surimi from the best parts of the fish, the fillets, the new Pescanova Sea Slices are also ideal for breakfasts and snacks, thanks to the smoking process and its taste and thin slicing. They can be used as sandwich or canapé fillings or even eaten on their own anywhere and at any time of the day.

The Surimi slices are a healthy and balanced option for those who want to take care of themselves and have at their disposal low-fat foods that are ready for consumption. The company joins the latest food and health care trend by launching healthy products. In this case, the first low-fat “deli meat” made of Surimi, which is an ideal option for seafood lovers and which will help consumers maintain a healthy and balanced diet.