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28 February, 2018
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13 March, 2018

New shrimp carpaccio, ceviche and tartare to enjoy the flavors of the world

Vigo, 9 March 2018.-Pescanova, a leading seafood brand, continues to offer new products adapted to the taste of more consumers with its new flavors of the world range: shrimp carpaccio, ceviche and tartare.

In response to the growing interest in discovering other cuisines and enjoying different food experiences, Pescanova is launching three shrimp products based on recipes from other countries and presented in a convenient format that allows customers to always have a gourmet appetizer ready for lunch and dinner.

The flavors of the world range stands out for its textures and contrasts on the palate and includes the perfect products for foodies that do not have much time to cook elaborate dishes but do not want to give up new tastes, pleasure or a healthy diet.

Shrimp carpaccio, ceviche and tartare are presented in a box containing two packages: one with boiled shrimps and another one with the sauce. Shrimps must be thawed in cold water between 3 and 5 minutes depending on the product, then mixed with the ingredients and they are ready to be served. Each package has a QR code so the consumer can download a video tutorial for each recipe.

To sum up, the new flavors of the world range allows you to enjoy the most exotic recipes without having to leave home or spend a long time cooking elaborate dishes. The 3 varieties, shrimp carpaccio, ceviche and tartar, are sold in a 150-gram box (100 grams of shrimps and 50 grams of sauce).

As part of the launching of this new range of exotic products, Pescanova has also launched a new humorous campaign where they tried to find out about the travel experiences of Spaniards as well as their interests in terms of discovering the world. For that purpose, reporter Usun Yoon has put consumers to the test by asking them to find nine real countries on a map, along with three made-up countries linked to the new flavors of the world products, called Carpaccia, Cevichia and Tartaria.

This new Pescanova range is one of the products recently launched by the Galician brand with the aim of responding to the latest food trends with innovative, quality and convenient options. Other products are Dippeo de langostinos, the Tapeo range and other options made with octopus and mussels cooked in their own juice, in line with its commitment to bring the freshness of the sea to the customer’s table.