Nueva Pescanova among the top 50 most reputable companies in Spain
25 April, 2018

Nueva Pescanova showcases its last innovations at the Seafood Expo in Brussels

Brussels, 24 April 2018.- One more year Nueva Pescanova showcases its most innovative products at the Seafood Expo Global, which is being held in Brussels until next Thursday. The Company has chosen the latest products launched in the main European markets where it is present: Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy.

In line with its commitment to bring the freshness of the sea to consumers’ tables, the Nueva Pescanova Group innovates by going for a more impulsive consumption, introducing convenient products adapted to snaking trends that are gradually earning more weight among consumers. The Company has launched its new “Tapeo” range (seafood tapas) with products like the Crunchy Hake Bites and the Prawn Lollipops, marketed in Spain and Italy. It has launched the breaded hake fillets either seasoned with curry or with herbs in Portugal; and the Tastes of the World range that includes the shrimp tartare, shrimp ceviche and shrimp carpaccio, all of them help consumers enjoy exotic and easy to cook recipes at home.

The Seafood Expo Global in Brussels is also the site for showing the new products in the chilled seafood category; the segment that is growing most in Europe. Recently, the Pescanova brand has introduced a wide range of chilled shrimps (whole, raw or cooked) in Italy and France. In Spain the “Lonchas de Mar” (Sea Slices) and the low salt “Palitos de Mar” (Sea Sticks), healthy options to be taken as a snack or for breakfast.

“Our Innovation Committee works everyday researching on market needs and new consumption trends. We have recently stepped into the chilled seafood segment, launching products adapted to what consumers demand: quick solutions, but without leaving behind health and pleasure. The Tapeo range or our Sea Slices are examples of presentations that embrace healthy are quick and easy to prepare seafood products,” explained Ignacio González, CEO of Nueva Pescanova.

Finalists for the Seafood Excellence Global Awards

One more year, Pescanova is among the finalists of the Seafood Excellence Global Awards, a competition designed to recognize the best in seafood products represented at Seafood Expo Global. The shortlisted Pescanova products are the Crunchy Hake Bites, the Prawn Lollipops, and the Shrimp Carpaccio.