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18 May, 2018
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8 June, 2018

This summer, #bedisenvious!

Vigo, on May 30, 2018.- Pescanova is launching its summer campaign from the standpoint of what is said to be one of the most characteristic defects of Spaniards: envy. An emotion that, here in 2018, is increasing in the face of a constant digital showcasing of perfect lives and photographs in paradise settings.

Therefore, the company wishes to encourage Spaniards who are not on vacation to “be disenvious”, bringing the spirit of the sea, with Pescanova products, to people who are not on vacation. “Summer lasts 90 days but vacations don’t, and it is during this “non-vacation” time when we most envy the enjoyment of others who are having it”, says Juan Viñas, marketing director of Nueva Pescanova.

Pescanova has selected four of its leading products to try out being “disenvious”. They have chosen wild king prawns, fished from the Argentine waters of the Southern Atlantic, ideal for grilling, boiling, or baking; their poached mussel au naturel, ready to eat cold or hot from the microwave; octopus legs cooked in its own juices, cooked by following the tradition of our master Galician “pulpeiras” (octopus chefs); and lastly, our cooled sea sticks, an ideal complement for salad and pasta dishes which add a touch of flavor without artificial preservatives or colorings.

This summer, be disenvious is a 360º campaign which will have different initiatives, including three spots shown on major television channels and which will be available on Pescanova’s YouTube channel.

Using the hashtag #Desenvídiate (be disenvious), the company will encourage consumers to share their moments of disenvy on social networks, with which they can win different prizes. Throughout the summer, Pescanova will continue to surprise with public relations activities in order to transform a negative feeling into a moment of enjoyment.

The Keys to Disenvy

Envy is a complex feeling which everyone feels when we want something that we do not have and which makes us sad or unhappy. According to psychologist Silvia Álava: “In individualistic societies, like Spain, envy is clearly fueled as an effective instrument of competition. Spaniards need to feel disenvy in order to be feel happy and the keys to not feeling envy include: focusing on ourselves, not so much on others, and enjoying little moments of delight: watch a good TV series, talk with a friend, or enjoy your favorite dinner”.