This summer, #bedisenvious!
30 May, 2018
The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Nueva Pescanova ratifies the annual accounts of 2017
2 July, 2018

Nueva Pescanova celebrates Solidarity Food Day donating 7.1 tonnes of food to Fundación Alimentum

Vigo, 8 June 2018. Solidarity Food Day, which takes place today, is Fundación Alimentum’s creation to ensure that all food and drink reaches everyone in need for the summer, through the 56 Food Banks that make up the Spanish Food Bank Federation (FESBAL).

As one of Fundación Alimentum’s partners, Nueva Pescanova is collaborating this year by donating 7,100 kilos of food so that FESBAL can send it to the different food banks of Spain. Participating in Solidarity Food Day is a priority for Nueva Pescanova, as it wishes to raise awareness about the food supply problems that arise with the arrival of summer at Food Banks and other aid organizations. Once the summer begins the amount of donations decreases, while the number of people and families in need increases with school holidays.

That’s why Fundación Alimentum declared 8 June Solidarity Food Day and the 25 leaders of the Spanish food and beverage industry decided to jointly donate 200,000 kilos of product on that date, in addition to the donations they already make over the course of the year, which, in 2017, was more than 7,150,000 kilos combined from the companies comprising Fundación Alimentum. That’s more than 32 million servings of food.

“This joint initiative by the companies in the industry that are part of Fundación Alimentum has become a milestone and engagement every summer, raising awareness about the need and opportunity for actions of this kind”, stated Sergio Elizalde, President of Fundación Alimentum and Corporate Managing Director of Nueva Pescanova.

Nueva Pescanova Group’s long-term commitment

Nueva Pescanova Group has signed a number of agreements with Food Banks and other social entities. In 2017, Nueva Pescanova donated over 24,000 kilos of food to entities such as the Spanish Association against Cancer, Bancosol, Amigos de Galicia Association, the food banks of Madrid and Vigo, among others.

“Nueva Pescanova’s collaboration with different entities allows us to be much more efficient and streamlined when it comes to product distribution. And that way we can offer what we know best: high-quality, ready-to-eat foods, rich in Omega 3,” said Ignacio González, CEO of the Nueva Pescanova Group.