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17 May, 2018
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30 May, 2018

Pescanova expands its Tapeo range with two new offerings

Madrid, on May 18, 2018.- In line with its goal to innovate and bring the freshness of the sea to the consumer’s table, Pescanova is expanding its TAPEO range and is launching two new varieties: crunchy hake miniburgers and egg-battered cuttlefish.

These new offerings join the crunchy hake bikes and crunchy prawn lollipops, in order to continue offering the consumer new tapa options to enjoy as appetizers, lunches, informal dinners, or simply to have a little treat.

The crunchy hake miniburgers are a natural source of proteins, are gluten-free, and low in sugar, with super crunchy panko-style breadcrumbs, created with cornflakes and rice, ideal for cooking in the oven. They are presented in a package with 12 pieces and are an ideal option to invent your own recipes and surprise your loved ones with a personal touch.

On the other hand, the egg-battered cuttlefish are mini squid rings, with no preservatives or artificial coloring, and egg-battered, which provides a homemade taste which everyone loves and a texture that is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Furthermore, thanks to how it is prepared, this variety is easier to eat than natural cuttlefish.

Thanks to their size, both offerings are perfect for sharing and enjoying in one bite, and they are also easy to make and are perfectly suited to modern lifestyles.

An innovation with which Pescanova once again surprises its consumers, who are demanding more and more new tapa trends to share informally during times of fun and enjoyment, with friends, family, or significant others, and without going crazy in the kitchen.

The new TAPEO range is now available in the frozen section of main supermarkets and outlets.