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6 September, 2018
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Pescanova relaunches Rodolfo Langostino at Conxemar

  • Under the slogan of “A Whiskered Guarantee”, Pescanova launches a distinctive seal with its new Rodolfo, a mascot which identifies a new range of prawns selected one-by-one, which arrive intact to the consumer’s table thanks to an innovative production process.
  • In Vigo, on October 2, 2018.- The Nueva Pescanova Group, due to its continuous commitment to innovation and quality, in Vigo, at the International Frozen Seafood Products Exhibition (Conxemar), presents the return of their icon, Rodolfo Langostino, from a new range of frozen and refrigerated pawns.

    Rodolfo Langostino was born in the 70’s, being one of the most iconic leaders of the Pescanova brand. Thanks to the popularity and charm of this character, the brand managed to strengthen its notoriety, becoming a part of popular culture, for decades being a main character in ad spaces on televisions which at the time were entering into the homes of Spaniards.

    With the “Rodolfos” quality seal, and under the slogan of “Because not all prawns can be like Rodolfo”, Pescanova presents a product with superior quality. To that end, the manufacturing process, which is groundbreaking and unique in the world, has been improved, where the prawns are selected one-by-one, packaged, and cooked, keep them fully intact, due to which their appearance and texture cannot be beat, with their long, intact whiskers being their guarantee of quality.

     “A Whiskered Guarantee”

    Ignacio González, CEO of the Nueva Pescanova Group, ensures that “an unmistakable sign that the product has barely been handled is that it still has all its whiskers. That is why Pescanova has created a distinctive mark of quality of its own for this new range, with which we will set apart the real Rodolfos under the seal: “A Whiskered Guarantee”.

    Pescanova brings together its latest innovations at Conxemar

    From October 2 to 4, Pescanova will be present at stand J6 in Conxemar, in Vigo. As Street Market food, Pescanova will also make available to visitors more of their latest innovations at the company: the Tapeo range (made up of crunchy hake bites) and their Touch of the Sea range, made up of refrigerated products with as Galician mussels cooked in their own juice, octopus cooked in their own juice, seafood sticks, and surimi baby eels. Furthermore, customers will be offered sushi, marketed as the result of the commercial relationship between Kabuki and Pescanova.


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