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2 October, 2018
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18 October, 2018

The Undersecretary of Fishing from Argentina visits the central headquarters of Argenova

In Vigo, on October 5, 2018.- The directors of Nueva Pescanova along with those of Argenova, the Argentine affiliate of the Nueva Pescanova Group, have at the head office of the company in Galicia received a visit from the Undersecretary of Fishing of Argentina, Juan Bosch, who was accompanied by the Undersecretary of Fishing from the province of Santa Cruz, Carlos Liberman.

The objective of the visit was to get to know the central headquarters of the Nueva Pescanova Group and check the productive and technological capacities which the Galician company can provide to the future development of the fishing industry in Argentina and in the province of Santa Cruz.

The Argentine authorities were received by Ignacio González, CEO of the Nueva Pescanova Group; David Troncoso, Managing Director of the Fishing Unit in the Nueva Pescanova Group; Manuel Domínguez, Director of Operations of the Fishing Unit at Nueva Pescanova, along with Marcos Osuna, General Manager of the affiliate Argenova in Argentina and Latam, and Mauro Zamboni, Legal Consultancy Director at Argenova.

Presence in the Country

The Nueva Pescanova Group began its operations in Argentina 30 years ago under the name of Argenova. Based in Puerto Deseado, province of Santa Cruz in Argentine Patagonia, and central offices in Buenos Aires, it has a fleet made up of 16 ships and employs 700 people.