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18 February, 2019
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12 March, 2019

Nueva Pescanova and Isidro 1952 enter an agreement for the exclusive commercialization of two of its farmed fish: turbot and sea bream

Vigo, 19 February 2019.- the CEO of the Nueva Pescanova Group, Ignacio González, and the CEO of Isidro 1952, Pablo Ángel García- Gascó, have signed a 5-year cooperation agreement for the exclusive commercialization of two of the fish reared by the latter: turbot and sea bream.

Isidro 1952, with more than 60 years in the seafood industry, owns the only aquaculture facilities in the world for sea bream rearing, a Hatchery in Valdoviño and a Nursery and Grow-out facilities in Lorbé, both in A Coruña. Through this partnership, Isidro 1952 will go ahead with the farming activity whilst the Nueva Pescanova Group will take on the distribution and commercialization of all the farmed sea bream, under the name “Sea bream from Galicia”.

This agreement also includes turbot: Isidro 1952 will carry out the faming activities and the Nueva Pescanova Group its commercialization. With this agreement the Nueva Pescanova strengthens its position in the turbot market, for which the Group company Insuiña, engaged in the rearing and processing of turbot, produces 3,000 tons annually.

Apart from these two species, Isidro 1952 also grows white and salmon trout.