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16 April, 2020
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20 May, 2020

Nueva Pescanova receives a Communicator Award for the documentary “The City Born from the Sea”

  • The company has been awarded in the Video-Brand Entertainment category for its audiovisual project on the Group’s social work in Namibia
  • Organized by the New York Academy of Visual and Interactive Arts, the Communicator Awards recognize creative excellence among communication professionals worldwide

Vigo, 18 May 2020Nueva Pescanova Group has received the international Communicator Award 2020 in the Video-Brand Entertainment category for its documentary “The City Born from the Sea”, which tells the story of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility work in Namibia.

The audiovisual project ( is a trip to the city of Lüderitz (Namibia) led by Nelago Kwedhi, the first woman to become a ship captain in the country. Through her experiences she tells how this small town, located between the desert and the sea, has been reborn thanks to the impulse of the fishing industry after the arrival of Pescanova 30 years ago.

The company has conveyed this reality through a 30-minute documentary and seven short videos featuring the protagonists of Lüderitz’s story of progress, which today has become a place of opportunity. Here, the company employs more than 2,000 people, offers scholarships to employees’ children and has built homes, day-care centres and playgrounds. In addition, it created the first fish shop to bring the consumption of seafood closer to the population, and has launched various training programmes to promote professional development in the area.

The international Communicator Awards, which this year celebrate their 26th edition, recognize the best creative works of marketing and communication professionals at a global level. Organized by the New York Academy of Visual and Interactive Arts (AIVA), a group of leading industry professionals annually select those digital, audio, video, and social content projects that have stood out for their creative excellence. In total, the organization has received around 6,000 applications from companies and organizations around the world.

In the words of Tesa Díaz-Faes, Chief Communications Officer of Nueva Pescanova Group: “We are proud to be recognised for our documentary, which we created with the aim of making known not only our contribution of value in Lüderitz, but also the social commitment we have with all the communities in which we operate. It is a tool for disseminating our CSR and raising awareness of the role that companies play in the search for and development of responsible and sustainable production models.”

Recently, Nueva Pescanova was also recognized as the world’s leading fishing company for its contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDA), according to the Seafood Stewardship Index.


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