Responsible Action Programme

Responsible Action Program

Based on the CSR Master Plan, its 4 pillars and the Global CSR and Sustainability Policies, we have built up our Responsible Action Program (RAP), whose main objective is to identify, measure and direct the Group’s responsible performance, as well as to know its contribution to sustainable development.

The RAP puts on record the work of the Group companies in generating shared value with their stakeholders. Through responsible action, in the Nueva Pescanova Group, we contribute to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of our activities in the countries and communities where we are present.

In this 2020 edition of the RAP, we have broadened its scope to reach 100% of the Group’s employees; we have identified a total of 954 responsible actions in the four business divisions of the Group, from harvesting activities (fishing and aquaculture), to processing and commercialization. (the 2020 Report on Responsible Action of the Nueva Pescanova Group can be downloaded here.

Based on the results of the 2020 materiality assessment, and the 18 priority issues, we have created 12 action platforms to which we have allocated the 654 responsible actions whose impact has been measured.  (the 2021 Materiality Assessment Report of the Nueva Pescanova Group) can be downloaded here.


  • Sustainability:

Responsible action is evidenced through the certification of 12 workplaces, as compliant with the strictest standards on Sustainable Sourcing and Responsible Operations. These 12 workplaces represent 75% of the 16 centers analyzed in the fishing, aquaculture, and processing divisions.

  • Energy:

Through responsible action we have avoided the use of energy equivalent to 3,376,448 kWh owing to a better energy efficiency and we have used 30,741,337 kWh from green sources. This, together with the change of fuels and refrigerants for others that reduce the greenhouse effect, has meant that the Group has avoided the emission to the atmosphere of 20,461 t of CO2-eq, which is equivalent to the CO2 sequestered by 71,613 trees.

  • Water:

Through responsible action we have avoided the use of 160,290 m3 of water and allowed the use of 81,429 m3 from alternative sources. Total volume of 241,719 m3 equals the water in 64 Olympic swimming pools.

  • Materials:

It stands out that our responsible action has allowed the recovery of 9,118 t of sub-products (equivalent to, approximately, the weight of the Eiffel Tower).


  • Prevention of Occupational Hazards:

Responsible action in this platform has impacted on a total of 60,826 people, of these, 31,889 were actions related to the prevention of accidents and diseases and 28,939 to health and welfare programs.

  • Training and Talent:

Training programs have impacted on 7,493 people and talent recruitment and development has impacted on 1,213 people.

  • Social Action and Humanitarian Aid:

The rate of job creation in the communities where the Group is present has reached 34% in Lüderitz (Namibia) and 11% in Puerto Deseado (Argentina).

Donations valued at €401,574, 85% of which were food donations, the most outstanding being 90,351 Kg donated by PESCANOVA ESPAÑA S.L.U. which are equivalent to 903,510 servings (approximately, 3 times Vigo’s population).

  • COVID-19 Platform:

Responsible action is translated into the anti-covid protocol implemented in 100% of the workplaces with an investment of five million euros (€5,000,000).

The RAP has allowed to know how the Group’s responsible action contributes to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. The most remarkable is our contribution to: SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth; SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities; and SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, through 324, 241 and 186 responsible actions respectively (the 2020 Report on Nueva Pescanova Group’s Contribution to Sustainable Development, can be downloaded here).

The 2019 Report on Responsible Action of the Nueva Pescanova Group can also be downloaded here.

You can also check how each Group company, through its responsible action, contributes to sustainable development by clicking on the relevant country in the world map below that links to the Report of Responsible Action and Contribution to Sustainable Development.