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18 October, 2018
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4 December, 2018

Vicente del Bosque shaves his “whiskers” for Pescanova

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In Vigo, on November 29, 2018.- Pescanova, leading company in seafood products, brings in Vicente del Bosque as the star of their Christmas campaign, with which it strives to showcase the whiskers. The distinctive element of their new range of shrimps: the Rodolfos.

To prove that the whiskers are synonymous with identity and quality, Vicente del Bosque has been inspired by the Rodolfos and has shaved his iconic moustache, which he has had for 50 years. A fact that many hoped to see after the goal by Iniesta which led Spain to win the World Cup in 2010, but which Del Bosque never dared to do.

The campaign shows experiences with which the ex-coach loses his identity with the shaving of the moustache: they don’t recognize him at his favorite restaurant and even his dog barks endlessly when seeing him arriving home. Del Bosque assures us that “many of these scenes have been experienced while we were filming them. My wife, which was the one who 50 years ago encouraged me to let it grow, did not know what to say to me when she saw me without a moustache. She didn’t recognize me”.

A “Whiskered Guarantee”

The Nueva Pescanova Group with “Elige Bigote” (Choose Whiskers) presents their new range of higher-quality refrigerated shrimps: the Rodolfos. Shrimps which stand out for their unbeatable texture and flavor thanks to a meticulous elaboration process, which is groundbreaking and unique in the world, where the shrimps are selected one-by-one, packaged, and cooked keeping them entirely whole, due to which their appearance and texture can’t be beat, their long and intact whiskers being their seal of quality.

Ignacio González, CEO of the Nueva Pescanova Group, states that “a clear sign that the product has barely been handled is that they still have all their whiskers. For that reason, Pescanova has created a distinctive sign of quality all their own for this new range, with which we will showcase the real Rodolfos under the seal: ‘A Whiskered Guarantee’.”