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15 April, 2021
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Nueva Pescanova leads the Sea2Table 4.0 project to implement a new smart factory model


  • The aim is to apply artificial intelligence technologies to establish a manufacturing system in the food sector that promotes sustainability and efficiency.
  • The company is developing this initiative to develop Pescanova Factory 4.0 in collaboration with ASM Soft and the Gradiant technology centre.

Vigo, 21 April 2021. The Nueva Pescanova Group has presented Sea2Table 4.0, an R&D&I project that it leads and with which it seeks to advance in the development of the smart factory. The aim is to implement a new factory model in the food industry that promotes sustainability and efficiency through the application of artificial intelligence.

In collaboration with ASM Soft and the Gradiant technology centre, the company will apply new technologies to achieve a digitised supply chain that guarantees the quality, safety and traceability of the process, ensuring that the final product comes from sustainable resources. In addition, the project aims to expedite decision-making and make the supply chain more flexible by consolidating all the information collected in the three industrial centres that the Nueva Pescanova Group has in Galicia.

To achieve this, a smart food factory prototype will be designed integrating business, production and supply chain management in a cloud-based cybersecurity environment. This prototype will incorporate artificial intelligence for management, governance, efficiency improvement and decision-making. In addition, a digital twin will be designed, which will have access to plant information in real time, enabling simulations of different scenarios to be carried out. Finally, a system will be implemented to guarantee traceability and prevent data adulteration through blockchain. All of this will lay the foundations for developing a prototype of Pescanova Factory 4.0 that can be extrapolated to the rest of the Group’s industrial centres (a total of 17) around the world.

Sea2Table 4.0 has been presented this morning in a virtual conference with the participation of, among others, Ignacio González, CEO of Nueva Pescanova Group; Patricia Argerey, director of the Galician Innovation Agency of the Xunta de Galicia ; Cesáreo Barciela, manager of ASM Soft; and Luis Pérez, general manager of Gradiant.

During the session, Ignacio González highlighted that “Sea2Table 4.0 offers us the possibility to develop a strategic project for Nueva Pescanova Group in an open collaboration environment with partners with a wide experience in innovation, such as ASM Soft and Gradiant. The promotion, by the Xunta de Galicia, of R&D programmes that invite cooperation are key to establishing a solid and future-proof innovative ecosystem in Galicia”.

The project, which will last 31 months, is part of the ‘Factory of the future, smart and sustainable factory of industry 4.0’ programme. It is subsidised by the Galician Innovation Agency and supported by the Second Vice-Presidency and the Regional Ministry of Economy, Enterprise and Innovation of the Xunta de Galicia, and the aid is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the framework of the Galicia ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020.