Contribution to sustainable development

In September 2015, the UN General Assembly approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development thus defining 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets in an action plan in favour of people, the planet and prosperity.

This Agenda explicitly recognizes the role of the private sector as major drivers of productivity, inclusive economic growth, and job creation. Thus, the Nueva Pescanova Group, committed to promoting a positive impact wherever it operates, recognizes the relevance of the SDGs as a guide to help meeting the challenges of sustainable development. The Group works to align its business strategy with the 2030 Agenda and measure its contribution to the SDGs.

Through our Responsible Action Programme (RAP) we have collected a total of 668 actions in 8 countries in 2019, representing 96% of the Group’s employees:

  • In the fishing activity, companies Argenova (Argentina), Pescamar (Mozambique) and NovaNam (Namibia).
  • In the aquaculture culture, companies Promarisco (Ecuador), Novaguatemala (Guatemala), Camanica (Nicaragua) and Insuiña (Spain).
  • In seafood processing, companies Novaperú (Peru) and Pescanova España (Spain), the latter with 5 industrial centres.

We conclude that with our fishing, aquaculture farming, and processing of seafood products, in the Nueva Pescanova Group we contribute to all 17 SDGs. Therefore, we are convinced of the role that the SDGs play in society and economy to improve our environment and the quality of life.

To read the analysis of the 668 documented actions and check other conclusions please download HERE the II Report of Contribution to Sustainable Development of the Nueva Pescanova Group 2019.

The impact that the Nueva Pescanova Group has on SDGs 8, 12 and 9 has been confirmed by expanding the scope of our Responsible Action Programme from the 4 countries originally analysed in 2018 to the 8 countries we have studied now in 2019 (Download HERE the I Contribution to Sustainable Development Report of the Nueva Pescanova Group 2018).

Number of CSR actions documented in 2019 impacting on the 17 SDGs of the UN 2030 Agenda in the 8 countries analysed in which the Nueva Pescanova Group operates

Sustainable Development Goals

Our corporate responsibility strategy adopts a firm commitment to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (Download HERE the main CSR Projects of the Nueva Pescanova Group classified by SDGs).

Our actions have a greater impact on OBJECTIVE 8 (Decent work and economic growth), OBJECTIVE 12 (Responsible production and consumption) and OBJECTIVE 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure).

OBJECTIVE 8: Decent work and economic growth


The private sector has a decisive role in this goal, since it is the key actor in the promotion of decent, inclusive, and sustainable employment, to achieve fair and prosperous societies. We work from an equality perspective in terms of gender, age, race, or condition, and in the training of ‘our people’ to promote the improvement of their abilities.

In our projects and actions:

  • We are committed to labour responsibility, promoting 100% legal, fair, and decent employment.
  • We fully comply with the applicable labour regulations, banning all forms of modern slavery, and forced or child labour.
  • We facilitate the freedom of association and promote full employment for all, through inclusion policies for people with different abilities and inclusion programmes of vulnerable groups.
  • Transversally to every company of the Nueva Pescanova Group, we implement programmes on occupational health and safety, prevention of work-related accidents, equality, diversity, identity and corporate culture, personal and professional development, and talent management.

We invest in the technological modernization and innovation in processes and equipment to boost economic growth and productivity.

OBJECTIVE 12: Responsible production and consumption


Efficiency means generating the highest productivity with the lowest exploitation of resources, reducing the environmental degradation and pollution while achieving a better quality of life.

Our projects:

  • We have certified the production processes aiming at continuous improvement and implemented technological improvements to achieve a more sustainable and efficient resources management.
  • We manage the waste responsibly, reducing chemical and biological pollution, controlling emissions to the atmosphere and water, and promoting circular economy practices through valorisation solutions.
  • We seek cooperation between all participants in the supply chain.

OBJECTIVE 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure


We invest in new technologies and efficient equipment, promoting the rational and sustainable use of natural resources as well as the adoption of new cleaner and improved industrial processes and logistics to achieve more effectiveness and efficiency.

In our projects and actions:

  • We have certified our facilities, equipment, processes, and people to guarantee the highest degree of quality, food safety, traceability, sustainability, and efficiency.
  • We continuously invest in technological modernization and in the innovation of processes, equipment, and products to implement more sustainable solutions, using resources more efficiently with cleaner technologies and processes