30 October, 2017

Pescanova joins the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership to improve sustainability of its fishing and aquaculture activity

Nueva Pescanova Group has reached an agreement with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) that will allow the company to continue working in sustainability improvement of its fishing and aquaculture activities, as CSR is a key part of company's DNA.
9 October, 2017

The Nueva Pescanova Group integrates SAP’s digital technologies for managing its business

The Group New Pescanova has relied on SAP for starting up LEGONOVA, a digital transformation project whose main target is to develop a platform on which the seafood multinational company will be able to back its new management system, linking current business knowledge with modern technologies of data processing.
14 September, 2017

NovaNam publishes a book on the development of the fishing industry in Namibia

Coinciding with the commemoration of the 27th anniversary of NovaNam, a subsidiary of the Nueva Pescanova Group in Namibia, this morning was held a ceremony at the factory located in Lüderitz to present "Lüderitz: A Journey Through Time"
12 September, 2017

Pescanova surprises with a new tapas range

Nueva Pescanova keeps innovating to bring the freshness of the sea to the customer's table with new and surprising ideas like their latest product: the TAPEO range, appetizing and crunchy snacks, with flavors inspired by cuisines from all over the world and the perfect size to be enjoyed in just one bite.
3 August, 2017

Pescanova launched a new advertising campaign for octopus cooked in its own juices

87% of Spaniards believe we quite like gossiping, however only one out of five considers himself/herself a gossip.
3 July, 2017

The banks owners of the turbot farming plant in Mira agreed to sell the company to Ondas e Versos LDA

Three of the Portuguese creditor banks of Acuinova-Mira (Millennium BCP, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, and NovoBanco) have agreed to sell all the shares of the Portuguese company to Ondas e Versos LDA, which has taken over the management of the company.