1 February, 2021

Nueva Pescanova Group launches the “Ponta Timbué” for shrimp fishing in Mozambique

Vigo, 29 January 2021 – The Nueva Pescanova Group held this afternoon, at the Armón shipyard facilities in Vigo, the launching ceremony of the “Ponta Timbué”, […]
6 July, 2018

The Nueva Pescanova Group acquires Unick Fish and strengthens its commitment to South Africa

The main purpose of this investment is to boost sales of shrimps and prawns, being strategic products of the Group.
2 July, 2018

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Nueva Pescanova ratifies the annual accounts of 2017

• The company finished off 2017 reaching profits above that laid out in their 2020 Strategic Plan, achieving invoicing above 1 billion euros
• Ignacio González, CEO of the Group, announces the start of the construction of the R&D&I center in aquaculture, the Pescanova Biomarine Center
8 June, 2018

Nueva Pescanova celebrates Solidarity Food Day donating 7.1 tonnes of food to Fundación Alimentum

In 2017, the Nueva Pescanova Group donated over 24 tonnes of product to different social entities in Spain
30 May, 2018

This summer, #bedisenvious!

For three months, Pescanova is launching This summer, be disenvious, an advertising campaign that strives to transform envy into “disenvy”, creating moments of enjoyment for people who are not on vacation.
18 May, 2018

Pescanova expands its Tapeo range with two new offerings

Crunchy hake miniburgers and egg-battered cuttlefish are the two new tapas, which join our crunchy hake bites and crunchy prawn lollipops, to offer more options for appetizers, lunches, informal dinners, or to have a little treat.