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We want to attract top talent. That is why we strive to provide our professionals with employment and development opportunities that allow them to grow and progress in their careers.

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If you do not see any offers that match your profile but you think that your talents and professional skills fit with our project and you would like to face a new professional challenge. It will be added to our database.

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The Selection Process

The Nueva Pescanova Group is happy to welcome you on board.  In an international company like ours there are always opportunities for people of very different professional profiles.

The objective of our selection criteria is always to recruit professionals for our project with the merits and skills required for each position, always bearing in mind the DNA of an international company which values multidisciplinary teamwork in order to face the challenges resulting from the market and current times. We believe in equal opportunities and we work with the utmost respect and confidentiality in our candidate selection process.

Before you become part of our company, we want to make sure that you are the right person and also that we are the right company for you. For that reason, we always follow the same selection process:


Online application

Our application process is really simple; we post our vacancies in the following LINK



Depending on the position you have applied for, this process may vary. In most cases it is as simple as a phone call from our HR department.



If you have passed the pre-selection phase you will be invited for an interview, which may be on location or online, with the Manager of the position we seek to fill and with someone from our HR department. It is a great opportunity to discuss the process more in depth and find out more about your skills and abilities and whether your profile matches the requirements of the job.



If we think you would be a successful employee of the Nueva Pescanova Group and you feel the same about us, this is the part of the process we all like the most: We will make you an offer! And we will be looking forward to your arrival to the Group.