4 December, 2018

Chris Maze, new CEO of Pescanova USA

Chapela, 4 December 2018.- The Nueva Pescanova Group has appointed Maze as CEO of its subsidiary, Pescanova USA, effective as of January 1st, 2019. From this […]
29 November, 2018

Vicente del Bosque shaves his “whiskers” for Pescanova

The former national football coach shows his more interpretive and humorous side in the Pescanova Christmas campaign
18 October, 2018

The Nueva Pescanova Group and Down Vigo will collaborate for the labor insertion of people with Down Syndrome

The agreement includes the undertaking of internships in the company’s centers.
5 October, 2018

The Undersecretary of Fishing from Argentina visits the central headquarters of Argenova

The Undersecretary of Fishing of the Argentine province of Santa Cruz also went to the meeting at the central headquarters of the company in Galicia.
2 October, 2018

Pescanova relaunches Rodolfo Langostino at Conxemar

Under the slogan of “A Whiskered Guarantee”, Pescanova launches a distinctive seal with its new Rodolfo, a mascot which identifies a new range of prawns selected one-by-one, which arrive intact to the consumer’s table thanks to an innovative production process.
6 September, 2018

The Nueva Pescanova Group continues its solidarity work with the donation of school material to countries in Latin America

The company has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of A Coruña, the NGO Solidariedade Galega and the Local Council of Oleiros