25 April, 2018

Nueva Pescanova among the top 50 most reputable companies in Spain

Nueva Pescanova ranks among the Top 50 most reputable companies in Spain for the second year in a row, according to the 2018 Spain RepTrack survey.
24 April, 2018

Nueva Pescanova showcases its last innovations at the Seafood Expo in Brussels

One more year Nueva Pescanova showcases its most innovative products at the Seafood Expo Global, which is being held in Brussels until next Thursday. The Company has chosen the latest products launched in the main European markets where it is present: Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy.
5 April, 2018

Nueva Pescanova starts the building, in Vigo, of the first of the seven fishing units to renew part of its fleet

Vigo, 5 April 2018.-The Nueva Pescanova Group has started this week the building of the first of the seven fishing vessels included in the plan, up […]
27 March, 2018

Ignacio González, CEO of Nueva Pescanova, new Vice President of AECOC

Barcelona, 27 March 2018.-. The CEO of Nueva Pescanova, Ignacio González, has been appointed Vice President of the Association of Mass Market Retailers AECOC, thus replacing […]
22 March, 2018

Pescanova advocates for equality and respect among the little ones through its new mascot: Cabin Girl

The new Cabin Girl will join Cabin Boy as the consumer motivators for children with the aim of teaching them about equality, respect for nature, healthy eating habits, the environment and love for the sea, among other values
21 March, 2018

The Nueva Pescanova Group reaches profitability a year ahead of target set by 2020 Strategic Plan

The company reached in 2017 an Ebitda of 80 million euros, which is an 18% more than the previous year